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Journey With a Cab Driver: Mumbai to Pune Taxi Services

A run of the mill venture from Mumbai to Pune takes around 2.5-3 hours to finish it. I frequented Pune time to time during my visit in Mumbai 3 years back. The distance between the two urban areas is a simple 145 km however voyaging that distance particularly clearing the Mumbai traffic is a cerebral pain. However, work expected me to do it and I would need to go in any event double seven days eventually. It used to get rushed after a state of time since I additionally needed to go back that day. I would revile my office and my supervisor for making me go through this yet then I don’t think any other individual would really recruit me. Consistently I needed to go for five to six hours in a taxi alone with nobody yet the anonymous drivers.

This one time I was going around October. I was getting back from Pune. I was truly drained and by and large, I generally chose to rest while returning. The external landscape, despite the fact that lovely in the hazed streetlamps, was at this point totally carved in memory. We began from Pune at around 5 pm. The climate was pleasant. Harvest time had plummeted in Pune. It was cool and I could smell the colder time of year gradually drawing nearer. Like every one of the drivers, this taxi driver too started up an overall discussion about me and my city. Me being me, I would respond to their inquiries and never pose about them so the discussion couldn’t continue forward and I would get my great rest in the vehicle. However, this person subsequent to inquiring as to myself at that point went on about himself.

He began by saying that children are one’s most prominent bliss. As an affirmed single guy, I got marginally enraged when he began about children and family. At that point he said something which truly caught my eye to whatever he was talking. He said that he was an artist. I asked him which instruments he plays to which he answered: “I have an electronic framework”. Not to sound elitist at everything except rather by and large, taxi drivers don’t come from a foundation of cash which is needed to purchase an electronic framework. That is the reality of the country. In any case, he at that point proceeded with his story.




His name was Naveen. He was essentially an artist who tried different things with sounds and was master in playing guitar and the consoles. Naveen had left his family after a quarrel with his dad over accepting music as a profession. Naveen had his instruments yet didn’t have the foggiest idea how to bring in cash. The lone other thing he could do was to drive. He joined Mumbai to Pune taxi administrations. That served him as the normal pay in non-weekend days and in the ends of the week he would act in Pune, Nasik or Mumbai in little gigs. He in the long run got hitched and had children yet never left the work. He sort of cherished driving in the course. He had become a marginally well known artist in Maharashtra at this point. In any case, he had a condition any place he played. He asked that the spot couldn’t be tagged. They can charge for food or beverages if it’s a bar or an eatery however no tickets.


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